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Michigan man charged with embezzling $20K from youth sports team

A Michigan man involved in fundraising activities for a youth baseball team is facing up to 50 years in prison for allegedly embezzling thousands of dollars. The severity of the potential punishment shows how seriously anyone who is ever charged with embezzlement should take the situation.

Ingham County Prosecutor reports spike in embezzlement cases

Embezzlement remains a relatively rare charge in Ingham County, but it appears that county prosecutors are finding more of it these days. Criminal cases involving allegations of embezzlement went up more than 50 percent last year, according to the Lansing State Journal.

What is embezzlement?

Have you been accused of embezzlement, or do you know someone who has? Embezzlement is a serious crime in Michigan, punishable by large fines and possibly time in jail or prison. But what exactly are the authorities saying a person did when they accuse him or her of embezzlement?

What is Medicare fraud?

Healthcare is one of the largest industries in the U.S., and the government is a part of it. Medicare provides health insurance for older Americans. Surely most of our readers are either on Medicare, or have relatives who do.

Connection between gambling addiction, embezzlement is common

There are many reasons why people who commit white collar crimes do what they do. Sometimes, embezzlement is the result of a person who has gotten into terrible financial trouble, has become desperate, and does something they would not normally do. They are not career criminals, but someone in the grip of an addiction or compulsion.

Michigan woman acquitted of embezzling from auto body shop

When the prosecution says it has more than 100 pieces of evidence against someone charged with a white collar crime, your first reaction might be that the defendant must be guilty. But that assumes that the evidence actually proves the defendant’s guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Prosecutors can present a mountain of documents and other evidence to the jury, but if that mountain does not establish guilt, the jury’s duty is to find the defendant not guilty.

Michigan funeral home director accused of embezzling escrow funds

There are professions in Michigan that involve holding customers’ money for them, perhaps for years. When clients’ money is being held in escrow, certain laws govern how that money must be taken care of, and when it can be transferred into the business’ name. When a business or individual is accused of violating those laws, white-collar criminal charges could result.

School says ex-volunteer official embezzled funds

When a private school accuses one of its volunteers of embezzling funds, you can be sure that police and prosecutors are going to be aggressive in their pursuit of charges. The former athletic director of such a school recently appeared before a Cook County judge to plead not guilty to criminal charges of forgery, deceptive practices and theft.

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