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Michigan man arrested for Facebook post criticizing Gov. Snyder

A Michigan activist has been arrested for a post he made on Facebook regarding Gov. Rick Snyder’s response to the Flint water crisis. Authorities claim the man violated his probation by “threatening” the governor online, but the activist said he was calling for Snyder’s arrest.

Prosecutors drop murder-for-hire charges against Lansing woman

The decision by Ingham County prosecutors to drop murder-for-hire charges against a Lansing woman demonstrates how witnesses can be unreliable. Lansing police say that the claims of a key witness against the woman were at least partially untrue, causing the prosecution to dismiss the charges without prejudice.

Bill would repeal 'stand your ground' self-defense in Michigan

We have spoken before in this blog about the concept of self-defense. It is a legal defense that may be available to a person charged with violent crimes such as murder and manslaughter. The principle behind self-defense is that we all have the right to do what is necessary to protect ourselves from mortal danger.

13-year-old Michigan boy convicted of homicide

As we mentioned in our Sept. 10 blog post on Michigan’s juvenile court system, when a serious crime is involved, prosecutors can win the right to charge a minor as an adult. This sometimes leads to young children being convicted with crimes like homicide, as happened to a 13-year-old Michigan boy earlier this month.

Common defenses to child abuse charges

Back in November, we discussed how an accusation that you have committed child abuse, including based on an anonymous tip, can result in a jail sentence and the loss of your parental rights over your children. This is because the law seeks to protect children from physical, emotional and sexual abuse at the hands of their parents or other adults.

Charges dropped in Michigan armed robbery for lack of evidence

As most of our readers know, in Michigan prosecutors have to prove a defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This high standard of proof is one reason prosecutors often try to extract a guilty plea from the accused, perhaps as part of a plea bargain. They often would rather not roll the dice on going to trial, especially when the evidence against the defendant is shakier than they would like to admit.

Man who claimed self-defense not guilty of attempted murder

Though Michigan law punishes assault, manslaughter and other violent crimes very severely, it also recognizes that there are situations where violence is necessary. One such context is when the person accused of a violent crime had to use force to protect him- or herself from getting injured or killed by an attacker.

Assault charge dropped against Flint man after more investigation

Michigan police must have probable cause that a person committed a crime before they can arrest him or her. Even then, “probable cause” is not the same thing as proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In many cases, the accused person’s defense attorney will conduct an independent investigation, and find evidence that the authorities missed that disproves the defendant’s guilt.

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