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History & Reforms of Civil-Asset Forfeiture

Civil-asset forfeiture is a civil action that proceeds in rem against property involved in illegal activities. This allows the government to seize property by proving through a low burden of proof that the property itself, not the owner, was involved in criminal activities. Forfeiture is intended to deprive the wrongdoer of any reward from illegal activities or of any property utilized in the commission of illegal activities; however, its recent expansion and application to owners that are, in fact, innocent of any wrongdoing has led to calls for reform.

What can happen, even to a careful Michigan marijuana dispensary

Last week, we discussed the state of Michigan’s medical marijuana system, and how dispensary businesses often find themselves in a confusing legal position. Besides ambiguities in whether it is legal to provide medical marijuana to patients, contradictions in the law can also lead Michiganders into inadvertent legal trouble.

3 Michigan groups working to put legalizing marijuana to a vote

As legalizing marijuana becomes more and more of a mainstream issue in the U.S., three groups are circulating petitions in Michigan to try to get legalization on the ballot this November. The groups each have their own proposals, but all want to legalize marijuana for recreational use for adults in the state.

Prosecutors accused of forcing labs to go around med. marijuana law

If a shocking accusation against Michigan’s prosecutors and crime labs is true, the two are working together to circumvent the state’s medical marijuana law. The scheme allegedly is to find a way to charge medical marijuana users with a felony.

Michigan's AG supports reform of civil forfeiture laws

For years, people in Michigan have been subject to having their personal property seized by the police, if officers suspect that property is somehow connected to a crime. And they do not necessarily have to give it back, even if the owner is never charged with a crime.

Michigan lawmakers consider Good Samaritan prescription drug bill

Because it is a crime to possess controlled substances, even prescription drugs in some cases, when someone overdoses it is not uncommon for him or her not to receive needed medical attention. The sad fact is that friends may fear getting arrested if they call 911.

Michigan Supreme Court deals with medical marijuana law, again

It has been nearly seven years since Michigan voters passed a referendum to legalize medical marijuana in the state. However, people continue to get arrested for growing and selling medical marijuana, forcing the state Supreme Court to interpret the law time and again.

Drug charges filed against 30-year-old after traffic stop

A 30-year-old man from Michigan was recently arrested for possessing drugs and allegedly trying to traffic them after he was pulled over for a routine traffic stop. During the stop, police noticed the man's pockets were very full. Upon inspection, the man showed the police officers the three bags of oxycodone pills he had in his pockets. The man was arrested and is awaiting trial.

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