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October 2015 Archives

Some Michigan inmates may get earlier chance at parole, part II

Welcome back. Last week, we began discussing a ruling from the Michigan Court of Appeals that could impact the ability of several longtime prisoners to get their parole application heard a little early. In today’s post, we will discuss that ruling, and why it will not affect the vast majority of Michigan’s inmate population.

Some Michigan inmates may get earlier chance at parole, part I

Under Michigan’s so-called “truth in sentencing” law, prison inmates cannot make themselves eligible for parole sooner through good behavior. This law was enacted in 1998, meaning that some people convicted and imprisoned before that time are still able to accumulate disciplinary credits to move up their “net minimum date,” or the date they are first eligible for parole.

Don't accidentally waive your Miranda rights

Perhaps the two most important parts of the typical Miranda warning police must inform a suspect of while arresting him or her are the right to remain silent, and the right to an attorney. These are distinct Constitutional rights, but are related, in the sense that they are intended to protect suspects from being tricked, intimidated or forced into a false confession.

What to do when Stopped by Police in your Vehicle

Being stopped by a police officer can be a stressful and frightening experience. The following is a list of suggestions on how to handle when you are stopped for questioning by police while driving in order to preserve both your safety and your constitutional rights.

Michigan's AG supports reform of civil forfeiture laws

For years, people in Michigan have been subject to having their personal property seized by the police, if officers suspect that property is somehow connected to a crime. And they do not necessarily have to give it back, even if the owner is never charged with a crime.

Stingray Technology Creating Public Concern

Earlier this summer, we discussed whether a warrant should be required for the government to access phone location data. Courts have reached differing decisions on whether the government should be able to access that data from phone companies without a warrant.

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