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June 2013 Archives

Woman charged with making false sexual assault allegation

Back on May 9, we brought readers the story of the Michigan woman who authorities say filed a false claim that she had been sexually assaulted. The woman had previously claimed that a man had raped her in another state, leading to that man's incarceration for nearly 10 years before his conviction was overturned at a new trial last year. The woman now will go to trial on charges of evidence tampering and filing a false police report of a sex crime.

Silence may now be used against you in court, according to SCOTUS

Thanks to TV and movies, everyone in Michigan probably knows the Miranda warning that police officers must read to someone while arresting them. The Miranda warning includes several rights that each of us enjoys under the Bill of Rights and ensures that we are aware of those rights.

Woman released after drug arrest abroad, says she's innocent

Readers in Michigan may enjoy travelling on vacation, including trips outside the United States. Whether to visit family, see the sights or just lounge on the beach, international trips can be fun and enlightening. But travellers need to take care to avoid possible arrests on drug charges while abroad. The laws in other countries may not be the same as in Michigan and tourists could find themselves stranded in jail for several days far from home, even if the charges are dubious.

Not guilty verdict in Detroit nightclub stabbing

Under Michigan's criminal code, a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. That is true even when someone is charged with a violent crime like homicide. Though emotions understandably run high in a murder case, the jury is expected to weigh the evidence and decide whether the prosecution proved the defendant's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Sites threaten to 'expose' people not on sex offender registry

Many people who have been convicted of a sex crime in Michigan are required to have their name, address and other personal information included in a registry. Authorities say the sex offender registry protects the public from people who some politicians say are likely to reoffend.

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