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January 2013 Archives

Parishioners 'stunned' by priest's arrest for embezzlement

A popular Catholic priest in Michigan was recently arrested on suspicion that he committed embezzlement against his church. Parishioners and others in the religious community expressed shock that the suspect would be accused of stealing from the parish he led for 30 years.

'Minority Report' software to determine future paroles

In highly successful 2002 film "Minority Report," Tom Cruise navigates a future in which predictive computers are able to identify a criminal act before it is committed. Although much of the film's appeal relied on dazzling visual effects and Cruise's star power, the striking central concept of statistics-savvy software replacing real human judgment appeared to many as a frightening and dangerous twist on our modern system.

Michigan Supreme Court justice charged with fraud

In November, we wrote about white collar crime and the Michigan Supreme Court justice who was facing civil litigation filed by the U.S. Attorney General's office. The justice is now facing criminal charges. She is accused of federal bank fraud, arising out of the same transaction that is the basis of the civil suit. The justice is accused of illegally transferring an out-of-state property in order to qualify for a short sale on her local home.

Crime labs run without regulation, oversight

An important piece of evidence can change the entire character and direction of a criminal case. Whether the charges pertain to drugs, violent offenses, theft, sex crime, or even white-collar offenses such as fraud or identity theft, the obtaining, processing, and application of evidence both in and outside the court room can seal a defendant's fate. With both serious jail time and complete exculpation on the line, the proper handling of criminal evidence is essential, if justice is to be secured.

Criminal charges dismissed against driver of crash injuring Oakland County Executive

A plea bargain was reached today for the driver that injured the Oakland County executive last August. The driver turned left on a blinking yellow light in front of the executive's oncoming car, causing the accident that put the executive and his driver in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. The executive was in a coma for 17 days following the crash, and returned to work in a wheel chair at the end of October.

Routine traffic stop turns into serious drug bust

40 grams, to most people, doesn't stand as a significant measurement. Such a small amount of material rarely has much consequence in our daily lives, and yet in some situations even less of certain substances can change the lives of numerous people.

New drug draws attention of police, health officials

Drug policy and enforcement is always adapting to accommodate the rapidly changing use, transport, and development of controlled substances. As lawmakers and law enforcement authorities work to construct new laws and strict penalties for drug use or possession, those involved or implicated in such activities need to keep aware of the legal landscape.

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