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December 2012 Archives

State restricts sex offenders' online gaming

The difficulties of life as a registered sex offender are no secret today. The ability to find a job, stable living arrangements, and acceptance from the greater community one lives in can be especially difficult with the black cloud of "sex offender" status hanging over ones head.

Lansing man accused of rape, other felonies

A 40-year-old man from Lansing was arrested recently. His photo is in the newspaper. His name has been released. The details of his alleged crime have been publicized. How will there be an impartial jury when he has been portrayed this way in the media? His alleged victim is only described as a female older than 18. Is this fair?

ADHD Medications Help Curb Criminal Behavior

The Lansing State Journal recently reported a Swedish study that found people who take ADHD medications are less likely to commit crimes. The study reported that people with ADHD are much more prone to criminal activity-from four to seven times more likely to commit crimes than others. It is well known that people with ADHD are more prone to drug abuse and criminal behaviors. The study emphasized the need for people with ADHD to take medication into adulthood; it is also important that it be diagnosed and treated as early as possible. The earlier that treatment and medication begin, the better the chances for avoiding addiction and criminal issues into adulthood. The study found a clear and strong connection between people taking ADHD medicines and a reduction in criminal behavior, and it reports that this is likely due to the medication helping to curb impulsive, risky behaviors and increasing the ability to focus, organize, and make better choices.

Marijuana decriminalized in Grand Rapids -- or is it?

There are several instances where federal laws and state laws are in conflict. Federal laws should trump the state laws in those cases. There are also times when a local law or piece of legislation is in conflict with a state law. That has happened recently in Grand Rapids, Michigan, according to a judge.

MSU student charged with assault and false police report

Our Michigan readers may agree with us when we say that the problem with not telling the truth is that it usually catches up with you at some point. Some white lies are little ones (your weight, your age, your IQ) but others can cause problems. When there are a number of people involved in a fist fight, so there are multiple witnesses, it is not a good idea to stretch the truth.

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