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July 2012 Archives

Children endangered by mother's shopping

Any parent in Michigan can probably attest to the pleading and begging that can go on in a department or grocery store when the children are present. "Mom can I have that?" and "I want one of those!" or "I want to go home!" are phrases we may have heard.

Plastic pallet alleged conspiracy could net 20 years in prison

There are many in Lansing, Michigan, who may have never given a second thought to a plastic pallet. Plastic pallets have replaced traditional wooden pallets in many industries due to their durability, ability to carry weights up to 2,500 pounds, and resistance to rotting, splintering and contamination. You may wonder how this mundane product could net someone a 20 year prison sentence.

2 police officers accused of stealing from drug bust seizures

In Lansing, Michigan, a 16-month investigation was wrapped up when two Michigan State Police officers, and a third accomplice, were accused of running a scheme to steal money and property that had been seized during drug busts.

Amid heat and music, drug charges filed at Michigan festival

The Electric Forest Festival was held at Double JJ Ranch in Rothbury. Michigan police officers stated that it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Although that is not a ringing endorsement, it does bode well for a repeat event.

Independence Day Shooting

Thirty minutes prior to Lansing's Fourth of July Fireworks show, a 34 year-old Lansing woman was shot in the head at Adado Riverfront Park. The estimated 100 police officers in the park were unaware of any shots being fired; therefore, they do not believe that the gun was fired in the park and speculate that it may have been a stray bullet.

New boyfriend allegedly stabbed by ex-boyfriend in Lansing

There is a classification in Michigan known as habitual offender. The Michigan Habitual Offender law has been in place for some time, has been amended several times and has survived two challenges before the Michigan Supreme Court.

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