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Visitors to Michigan State may not know our drug laws

Michigan State University is the site of many athletic contests and other events throughout the year, and thousands of visitors come to campus from outside the state.

Drug problems exist at MSU as they do at many colleges, and Michigan has some of the toughest drug laws in the country. Out-of-state visitors should be aware of the penalties for the possession of controlled substances.

What is behind the increase in women arrested for DUI?

When the subject of drinking and driving comes to mind, you probably associate this activity with men. In this area of the state, for example, you might make a connection between male students at Michigan State and DUI arrests.

However, statistics gathered by the FBI indicate that law enforcement is arresting a growing number of women for driving drunk. Why is this happening?

How much alcohol qualifies you as a Super Drunk Driver?

To stop first-offender drunk drivers in their tracks, the state of Michigan enacted “Super Drunk Driving Laws” in 2010. The stiffer laws are meant to discourage drivers from ever repeating the offense.

Some first offenders are high school or college students who may have no idea how much alcohol it takes to reach a BAC of 0.17 percent, which is the level at which the Super Drunk Driving Laws kick in.

How is campus crime handled at Michigan State?

A large public institution of higher learning, Michigan State University is almost a city unto itself and, like all cities, has a dedicated police force.

Campus crime takes many forms, from simple traffic violations to burglaries and homicides. The Michigan State Police Department has several divisions, each of which focuses on the work of keeping students and faculty safe, following up on complaints, and assisting in major investigations. They also have a special helper in Cora, a K-9 yellow Lab who is adept at working crowds and trained to sniff out explosives on “moving targets.”

Stalking is on the rise at colleges including Michigan State

A university study reveals that stalking is more prevalent on college campuses than among the general populace, yet reported less often.

Michigan State University has taken steps to keep students safe. However, safety measures can backfire, and unfortunately, someone may accuse an innocent student of stalking.

Will your college son avoid getting a MIP at MSU?

If your 18-year-old son is among the incoming freshmen at Michigan State University, he will soon become involved in campus activities such as football games and the inevitable weekend parties.

Does he know what the most common legal difficulty is for MSU students? They refer to it as “getting mipped,” and it is a charge your son will want to avoid.

Where does Michigan State rank for on-campus crime?

The public university of Michigan State in East Lansing, Michigan, is well-known for its excellent academic offerings and its highly ranked football program. Its rankings with respect to on-campus crime, however, are not so stellar.

As a large school with more than 50,000 students, a certain amount of crime must be expected, especially if you lump in traditional college issues like underage beer drinking. However, on-campus crime includes darker, more serious problems that affect the university's overall safety record.

Alcohol and driving in Michigan means if you play, you pay

In Michigan, the risk of driving while impaired or intoxicated brings with it great risk to the lives of the driver and others on the roadway. It also carries with it the notable chance of substantial legal ramifications and burdens on the defendant driver should law enforcement pull him or her over or if he or she is in a motor vehicle accident. 

The recent tragedy of the Michigan state representative John Kivela’s suicide was a stark reminder of the damage that the illness of alcoholism and mental illness in general can wreak on humanity. The decision to get behind the wheel in Ingham County and elsewhere in Michigan and operate a vehicle after consuming alcohol is a poor judgment call. The decision often ends in the arrest and prosecution of the individual regardless of his station in life.

Do you understand the implied consent law in Michigan?

Along with every other state, Michigan has an implied consent law, and it will be enforced if police pull you over on the suspicion of driving while impaired or intoxicated. You agreed to abide by this law when you applied for your driver’s license.

You may know what “implied consent” means, but do you know how it works?

What does your BAC level say about your ability to drive?

If an officer pulls you over on suspicion of drunk driving, he or she will ask you to submit to a breath alcohol test. A police officer can make an extremely accurate assessment of your level of impairment with the help of a small instrument that will measure your blood alcohol content.

Breathalyzer measurements indicate the effect that alcohol consumption has on your ability to drive, beginning with a BAC of .02 percent or lower, which, from your point of view, would certainly be the best level to have.

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