Lansing Fraud Charge Defense Attorney

For many individuals accused of white collar crimes, some of the most damaging consequences stem from stigmatization and the permanent stains of a tarnished professional reputation. Even if all charges are dismissed and your name is cleared, a high-profile case may draw attention that makes moving on with your professional, and even personal life, extremely difficult.

Our Greatest Successes Are Often Our Clients' Best Kept Secrets

Some of our greatest successes in assisting clients accused of fraud or embezzlement never reach the headlines. With more than 30 years of experience, Mr. Zulakis and the team at our firm have cultivated a reputation in the area courts and can work productively with prosecutors to avoid white collar crime charges. If a plea agreement is not in our client's best interests, we put our experience to work building a strong case.

By protecting your privacy as much as possible, we can help mitigate any collateral consequences of going through the legal process.

Prescription Fraud

One of the most common types of fraud cases we see at Baird and Zulakis P.C., Attorneys at Law, is prescription fraud. In professional work environments, the stress and rigors of a demanding career can push an individual to seek respite in the form of pharmaceutical drugs. When that dependency takes over a user's life, he or she may break the law by fraudulently acquiring drugs.

As your attorneys, we connect you with the treatment and resources you need to get life back on track while proving to the state that you are getting the help you need so that you will not be before a judge in a few months' time.


Extenuating circumstances can cause otherwise honest, hardworking people to commit acts they would normally never consider. For some people, drug and alcohol addiction, gambling issues or other matters can lead to financial hardships and eventually to illegal acts, such as embezzlement, to finance their addictions.

At our firm we defend clients facing a broad range of white collar crimes, including the embezzlement of funds from work or another organization, tax violations, fraud and money laundering. Regardless of the issue and circumstances, it is important to contact an experienced lawyer to discuss your case, discover options for building a defense and to protect your interests moving forward.

Our Experience Is Your Best Investment

From helping clients find the resources they need for treatment to providing proactive solutions against fraud and embezzlement charges, we are dedicated to protecting your interests and reputation.

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