Solicitation Of A Minor: Lansing Defense Attorney

With the proliferation of Internet access to a majority of American homes, many instances of solicitation or sexually abusive activity involving minors and children occur via the Web. While these types of charges generally evoke little sympathy from both the public and the courts, there are cases where an individual charged with these crimes is unjustly or wrongly accused.

We Believe Everyone Is Entitled To A Defense

At Baird and Zulakis P.C., Attorneys at Law, we believe that all the facts of a case need to be unearthed. That is why we put our years of experience to work carrying out investigations to ensure that no aspect of our client's case is overlooked. Whether that means digging into the search history of a client's computer, to determine if the authorities acted improperly or were overzealous in their methods, we aggressively defend our clients against charges that have the potential to leave lasting scars.

Consequences And Charges Of Internet Solicitation Of A Minor

It is understandable that legislators and authorities should enact and enforce laws to protect innocent children. However, that doesn't mean that mistakes don't occur. With severe consequences such as confiscation of your computer, the risk of being placed on a list of registered sex offenders for life and potential jail time, it is imperative to seek professional legal counsel when facing charges of minor child enticement or solicitation.

Some common sex crime charges and other related matters that our lawyers handle include:

  • Child pornography charges
  • Entrapment defense
  • Internet porn stings
  • Prostitution charges
  • Statutory rape
  • Pursuing record expungements
  • Felony reductions

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