Internet Sex Crimes

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In recent years, there has been a zealous "crackdown" targeting arrests for Internet sex crimes in Michigan and nationwide. Prosecutors and elected officials know that issues of child safety and cases involving child pornography or exploitation often get significant media attention — and they gauge their own actions and efforts accordingly.

If you have been charged or contacted by authorities, we urge you to contact us now for legal counsel from George Zulakis, a respected attorney with more than thirty years of experience helping Lansing area individuals and families.

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Conviction for any Internet sex crime may have far worse consequences than most people realize. Possession of a single picture judged to violate child pornography laws, for example, can lead to three distinct felony charges — and convictions can carry penalties including 20 years or more in prison. A charge such as solicitation of a minor for sex or any form of Internet stalking can be just as serious.

At Baird and Zulakis, P.C., we take pride in a track record of:

  • Earning acquittals and dismissals when possible through strong, thorough case building
  • Negotiating assertively for reduced consequences for those who admit guilt and seek help for a serious problem
  • Actively helping people find quality resources for psychological counseling, substance abuse or sexual addiction treatment and other forms of needed care such as admission to residential treatment centers
  • Striving effectively to keep our clients out of jail and their names off the Sex Offender Registry — a long-term, sometimes lifelong hindrance to education, employment and other life pursuits
  • Effectively presenting psychological assessment results and other key evidence to the prosecutor — or judge and jury if we ultimately take your case to trial

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You may believe the entire situation is a misunderstanding, or that seizure of your computer was illegal. We understand your justified fears of being branded a pedophile or sexual deviant.

Experienced lawyer George Zulakis will hear you out and invest serious effort in finding the best approach to your Internet sex crime case based on your goals and all available avenues of defense. When you choose to contact our law office in Okemos, Michigan, we will focus on protecting your rights, record and reputation.