Sex Crimes

Michigan Sex Offender Registry Lawyer

Whether you have been falsely accused of a sex crime, or you know you made a mistake, you need a strong lawyer with a proven track record dealing with these complex allegations and charges. If you are seeking legal help for yourself, your child or another loved one facing serious charges, please contact us now at Baird and Zulakis, P.C., in Okemos, Michigan.

All levels of criminal sexual conduct can carry severe penalties. In addition to prison or jail time, a conviction can lead to public listing on the Sex Offender Registry for up to 25 years or life. Attorney George Zulakis is sensitive to all our clients' concerns and goals, leading us in tenaciously seeking outcomes that protect your future as well as your freedom.

Criminal Sexual Conduct - Internet Crimes - Offenses Involving Children

We provide engaged, proactive counsel and representation for people charged with offenses including:

  • All degrees of criminal sexual conduct, ranging from rape - including date rape allegations - to improper touching or solicitation of a minor for sex
  • Internet sex crimes, including possession, distribution or manufacture of child pornography
  • Charges arising from alleged stalking, "sexting" or other forms of illegal harassment and communication
  • Child abuse or neglect

Finding the Best Path for Keeping You Free and Your Record Clean

Practicing in the Lansing area for more than 30 years, Mr. Zulakis can bring in-depth knowledge of innovative criminal defense strategies to bear on your case. We are equipped to thoroughly investigate what happened, interview witnesses, and bring all evidence in your favor forward. If you have been falsely identified or accused, we will go the distance to prove exactly that and to vigorously fight for a dismissal or acquittal.

In other situations, the best approach is to help you promptly seek and obtain psychological counseling or various other forms of treatment or interventions in order to demonstrate to the prosecution that you are focused on reform and unlikely to commit any sex crime in the future.

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We will treat you with respect and focus on your critical goals while developing an aggressive yet realistic approach to achieving the best possible outcome. You can count on energetic, resourceful advocacy in your best interests when you contact us to discuss your defense against sex crime charges.