Lansing Marijuana Defense Attorney

Laws regulating marijuana are being reviewed, revised and relaxed in numerous states across the country. Although the public and political perceptions surrounding the drug may be changing, in Michigan, it remains against the law to possess, sell and produce marijuana for use other than prescribed medical purposes. At the law offices of Baird and Zulakis P.C., Attorneys at Law, we provide those accused of marijuana drug crimes with experienced counsel.

Students And Possession Of Marijuana Charges

An important aspect of building any criminal defense case is working with a lawyer who understands the ever-changing legal landscape. At our firm, we stay up to date on all developments that potentially affect our clients and methods. When it comes to drug charges, we are proactive in all developments involving Michigan's drug laws, especially as they pertain to marijuana as a majority of the cases we see are marijuana-related.

Many of the drug-related cases we see involve students. Whether at the university level or high school, junior high or middle school, we offer parents and their children legal counsel to mitigate the consequences of a potential conviction.

Although we always attempt to achieve a dismissal or victory during trial, we also realize that sometimes such an outcome is impossible. As your attorneys, we will pursue every possible avenue for proving your innocence while outlining all the options available to you, including plea agreements for treatment and rehabilitation, suspended sentences, fines or other options that keep our clients out of jail and their record clean.

Take Immediate Action When Facing Drug Charges

Time is of the essence when attempting to mitigate the potential effects of a criminal accusation. From carrying out investigations and gathering evidence, to protecting you from self-incrimination, or initiating proactive diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, your attorney is your most valuable asset moving forward with your case.

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