Lansing Domestic Violence Attorney

If you have been arrested for domestic assault in the Lansing area or elsewhere in Mid Michigan, it may seem you have already been judged and punished without the chance to present your side. In almost all cases, when police are called about a domestic dispute involving an allegation of violence or threats, someone goes to jail — and the consequences of a possible conviction can be extremely serious.

After being accused of spousal abuse or any other type of domestic violence, immediately contacting an attorney and beginning the process of building a criminal defense is essential. At Baird and Zulakis P.C., Attorneys at Law, we have an established reputation of providing advocacy for our clients. As your lawyers, we will work tirelessly to defend your rights and future.

Experience And Creativity Help To Find Sustainable Solutions

Make no mistake: the negative impact of a domestic assault conviction can be far-reaching, affecting your employment status and your future prospects. Protective or "restraining" orders may prevent access to your home and family. Depending on the circumstances and your history, you may be facing jail or prison time.

In more than 30 years of experience defending clients, attorney Zulakis understands the importance of getting all the facts, especially in the complex and contentious matters of domestic violence cases. When addressing your case, Mr. Zulakis will help to determine the following:

  • Whether false or exaggerated allegations led to your domestic assault arrest, and the true role the alleged victim played in any altercation
  • Whether your accuser is motivated by revenge or attempting to gain advantage in a divorce and/or child custody dispute
  • Any need for psychological treatment, addressing issues of controlling behavior, anger management counseling, or other help with underlying stress and issues in your life

We Are Defense Lawyers Who Believe In Protecting The Rights Of Those Accused Of Child Abuse And Neglect

We approach domestic violence and child neglect or abuse cases with results-oriented methods. Our professional familiarity with area courts and prosecutors is a tremendous asset during negotiations or when establishing a productive dialog to lay the groundwork for a favorable outcome. Ultimately, we strive to show the prosecution and the court that our clients are taking positive steps, are unlikely to offend in the future and can provide a safe environment for their children. In these cases, it is essential that proactive diagnostic and therapeutic interventions be immediately available to facilitate family reunification.

As skilled attorneys, we are also proven negotiators who explore all available options to avoid a conviction and subsequent consequences. For an initial consultation, contact our Okemos and East Lansing-area law office by calling toll free: 800-385-0092.