Get Your Breath Test Thrown Out

Experienced Michigan Lawyer: Challenging Your Breath Test

The Breathalyzer test is the single most important piece of evidence that the prosecution uses to obtain a conviction in Michigan drunk driving cases. Many people believe that failing the breath test automatically predetermines the outcome of their case - that it is an automatic precursor to a guilty verdict. However, there are plausible defenses that could result in the court dismissing the breath test results from the court record - leaving the prosecution with little evidence to use against you.

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Get Your Breath Test Thrown Out of Court

The United States Constitution grants you rights. Unfortunately, it frequently takes the advocacy of a skilled criminal defense lawyer to ensure those rights are not violated. At the Okemos law office of Baird and Zulakis, P.C., we provide thorough defense representation focused on protecting your rights, whether you are facing charges involving first-offense, repeat-offense or even high BAC drunk driving charges.

Recognizing the significance of the breath test results, our DUI/OWI defense strategy begins with examining the validity of the test results and the admissibility of the results at trial. Our legal team diligently examines every detail of the traffic stop, admission of breath and field sobriety tests and arrest to identify mistakes made by police or other factors that can strengthen your defense:

  • Was the Breathalyzer properly calibrated or maintained?
  • Was there reasonable suspicion for the traffic stop?
  • Were field sobriety tests administered correctly?
  • Was there probable cause for the arrest?
  • Were you promptly advised of your right to take an alternative test (urine, blood, etc.)?
  • Were you promptly advised of your right to seek independent chemical tests?

Defective Evidence Cannot Be Used - Including Invalid Breath Test Results

If evidence was collected in violation of your rights, it cannot be used against you at trial. Further, if it is determined that the traffic stop or arrest were defective, any evidence collected following the illegal traffic stop or arrest will be dismissed from the record. Using more than 30 years of legal experience, Lansing DUI defense attorney George Zulakis works relentlessly to challenge the proficiency of the examiner, the legality of the traffic stop or arrest and the validity of the breath test results in order to prepare the strongest defense possible for clients facing DUI/OWI charges in Michigan.

New challenges are being presented to Michigan criminal courts, questioning the overall scientific accuracy of Breathalyzer machines - even when properly calibrated. The outcome of these challenges may raise concern regarding the validity of breath test results in any drunk driving case.

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