Consequences of DUI/OWI

Aggressive DUI/OWI and Driver's License Suspension Defense in Michigan

A drunk driving arrest can affect your driving record, your driver's license, and even your employment - particularly if your job involves driving and your employer is unable to insure you. Even a conviction for first-offense DUI/DWI/OWI can result in significant criminal penalties, civil fines and fees and other consequences. If you have been arrested for drunk driving, never assume the prosecution has everything needed to obtain a conviction. You should always discuss your rights and options with an experienced attorney in Lansing to avoid serious DUI/DWI/OWI penalties. Attorney George Zulakis and the legal team of Baird and Zulakis, P.C. can provide the relentless defense representation you need when facing DUI/DWI/OWI charges in Mid-Michigan.

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Michigan has strict drunk driving laws that involve severe penalties - even for first-time offenders. Additionally, any Michigan traffic-related conviction - reckless driving, drunk driving, or causing death in a traffic accident - can never be removed from your record through expungement. Therefore, it is vital that you hire an experienced drunk driving defense lawyer who is dedicated to providing the strongest defense strategy available.

Without effective drunk driving defense, consequences for a first-offense operating while intoxicated (OWI, but sometimes referred to as DUI or DWI) conviction can entail:

  • Driver's license suspension: 6 months license suspension (eligible for restricted license after one month)
  • Jail time: Up to 93 days in jail or up to 360 hours of community service (although, for most first offenders, jail time is not assessed)
  • Driver's responsibility fee: $1,000 fee per year for two years ($500 fee per year for two years if convicted for reckless driving OWVI - operating while visibly impaired)
  • Fines and court costs: Court fines and costs are at the discretion of the court and vary from county to county. Court fines and costs can average $500.
  • Civil restitution: Michigan DUI/OWI fines also include restitution for the police arrest and restitution of the prosecutor - fees that are only allowed in drunk driving cases and can amount to an additional $300.
  • DMV points: 6 points
  • Insurance: Increased insurance premiums resulting from DUI/OWI conviction and additional traffic violation points

Michigan OWI/DUI penalties increase for repeat offenders, individuals with a high BAC or individuals operating on a CDL (CDL holders are also held to lower BAC restrictions). Charges involving operating with the presence of drugs or a controlled substance (OWPCS), drunk driving resulting in death or injury and drunk driving/child endangerment have separate penalties in Michigan.

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Attorney George Zulakis has provided vigorous drunk driving defense representation to clients throughout Mid-Michigan for more than three decades. He is respected by former clients and by colleagues and has been selected by his peers for inclusion in the 2014 and 2015 editions of Best Lawyers in America in the specialty of DUI/DWI/OWI defense - a listing he has earned annually since 2009. In challenging breath test results, reasonable suspicion for the traffic stop, probable cause for the arrest and other evidence, he works diligently toward reducing criminal charges. In some cases, the criminal charges are dismissed in exchange for the driver accepting responsibility for a civil infraction of careless driving, thus avoiding a criminal record, costly driver responsibility fee, and any suspensions or restrictions to the individual's driver's license. His thorough, relentless approach to criminal defense has resulted in favorable outcomes for countless clients facing serious DUI penalties.

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