Shoplifting And Retail Fraud

We Take Your Criminal Matters Seriously

For more than 30 years, our law firm has devoted substantial energy to defending juveniles, young people and adults accused of a wide range of criminal charges. Led by dedicated attorney George Zulakis, we take the potential consequences of a retail fraud (shoplifting) conviction seriously and explore all angles and strategies to avoid or minimize the damage.

If you or someone you care about has been arrested for shoplifting or another property crime, we can offer helpful, discreet counsel. Our Okemos-based firm welcomes clients from throughout mid-Michigan, including university students and parents concerned for the welfare and future of a child in trouble.

Focused Effort To Protect Your Rights And Keep Your Record Clean

We know that law enforcement mistakes do occur, and if your shoplifting charge is unjust, we will work to prove just that. If the evidence against you is strong, you clearly need a resourceful lawyer ready to build a case that demonstrates to the prosecution you are getting any needed help and unlikely to commit another crime.

From long experience, we understand that a shoplifting offense may arise from causes ranging from a dare or other peer pressure to psychological problems, including obsessive-compulsive disorder. If you want and need treatment, we are familiar with quality resources and will do everything possible to persuade prosecutors to take these steps into account.

Taking Action To Avoid Harsh Long-Term Consequences

It can be a big mistake to assume a shoplifting, retail fraud or other theft charge will result only in a fine, probation or similar "minor" penalties. You could be facing a felony charge, and depending on your history and other circumstances, jail time is certainly possible. The impact on your future educational and job prospects can be even more damaging.

After an arrest, contact our Okemos/East Lansing law office and schedule a consultation to protect your future. Dial 800-385-0092 or complete our online contact form for a prompt response.