Resources And Solutions For Resolving Criminal Charges

In our years of experience handling criminal defense cases, we, and others in the criminal justice system, have come to understand that conditions such as addiction, mental illness or psychological problems contribute to the behaviors leading to criminal charges. Historically, there has been little assistance for people suffering from these ailments, and time spent in jail or prison often only worsens their conditions.

At our firm, we recognize the value of pursuing treatment rather than prison. That is why we have developed a vast network of support for our clients that not only assists with mitigating criminal charges, but can help people get their lives back together and look toward a positive future.

Proactive Methods Against Criminal Charges

Many of the cases we handle at Baird and Zulakis P.C., Attorneys at Law, are resolved without going to trial. One method for accomplishing this is impressing upon the state the necessity for treatment and counseling that can better help our clients retake control of their lives.

Each client's situation is unique, and we tailor our approach to the circumstances of each case. Just a few of the resources we use when assisting our clients include:

  • Counseling service: Whether for alcohol abuse, drug abuse or anger management and violent behavior, there are a number of resources we can access to assure prosecutors and judges that our clients' issues are being effectively addressed and that they are not likely to re-offend.
  • Rehabilitation: For some individuals, a rehabilitation program may be necessary as part of a plea agreement.
  • Investigative services: As an established firm in the Lansing community, we understand how to investigate a case, consult with industry professionals during investigations and gather the evidence necessary to see that we have all the facts when moving forward with a case.
  • Established networks: Ranging from medical professionals to investigators, we have a vast network of outside resources that help us prepare defenses on behalf of our clients.
  • Understanding of area courts: We are an established firm known throughout the region for our professionalism by judges and prosecutors.

Contact An Experienced, Reputable And Proven Criminal Defense Lawyer

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