Collateral Consequences Of Criminal Charges

When facing a criminal charge and the prospect of a conviction, many people narrow their focus on the worst-case scenarios of potential jail time, prison, substantial fines or other consequences. While these factors command attention, there are several other collateral consequences that can have resounding effects on a person's personal and professional life.

Our Experience Is Our Client's Greatest Asset

As attorneys committed to representing the criminally accused, we understand that our clients face more than just the risks of fines or imprisonment, they have professional and family lives that require protection as well. That is why we emphasize methods that safeguard the privacy of our clients and their families while doing everything we can to ensure that their case is resolved effectively and efficiently.

Each criminal case and the surrounding circumstances are unique, but a few common factors that can affect you and your family include the following:

  • The embarrassment or shame of an arrest and the effect it can have on your social and professional life
  • The impact a conviction may have on your driving record, potentially resulting in a loss of your license and driving privileges and a significant increase in car insurance rates
  • The loss of your commercial license and potentially your job if it is dependent on keeping your licenses
  • Loss of your job and suspension of your driver's license for a drug offense
  • A conviction can make it difficult to find a job
  • For young people, the stain of a juvenile or criminal conviction can follow you as you attempt to find a job
  • Sex crimes often carry a social stigma that can make it difficult to succeed in your local community and may prevent you from ever attending your children's school activities
  • A conviction can limit your ability to travel abroad
  • From receiving approval for a loan to applying for an apartment, a criminal conviction can significantly limit your options when it comes to finding a place to live
  • Loss or suspension of a professional license (physician, dentist, etc.)
  • A criminal charge can impair or cause you to lose your immigration status if you are a foreign national

Mitigating the potential effects of a criminal conviction begins with securing legal representation from a lawyer with the experience and skill necessary to protect your interests. At Baird and Zulakis P.C., Attorneys at Law, we provide advocacy and advice that allows you to make the right decisions to protect your future.

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