Sex Crimes

Attorney George Zulakis has successfully represented numerous Michigan State University students and faculty members facing both criminal sanctions and civil sanctions relative to student status, employment, and immigration challenges, when charged with a sex crime. Mr. Zulakis has a long history of representing persons accused of rape, date rape, stalking, possession/distribution of child pornography, sexting, and related criminal offenses. He has successfully represented high-profile student athletes facing both serious felony rape charges, as well as the likelihood of expulsion from the University and its attendant implications with career ambitions, scholarship loss, and the likely inability to transfer to other colleges or universities. It is often the case, particularly with rape/date rape allegations, that students will be facing both a criminal investigation, as well as a Title IX investigation by the University for "sexual harassment". Students should be careful not to be interviewed by either police or University personnel, and should immediately contact an experienced and reputable criminal defense lawyer if being investigated. Numerous articles have been published recently relative to pressures on public universities, which receive federal funds for numerous programs. Funding is at risk if Title IX personnel believe that universities are not aggressive enough in pursuing and prosecuting alleged rape/date rape offenders. It is often the case however, particularly when alcohol is involved with both parties, that the issue of consent is difficult to address. An experienced attorney, familiar with the nuances of the law and human behavior, is critical to a student's representation and to the outcome of both investigations. Our firm has numerous tools at its disposal, including polygraphers, psychologists, therapists, private investigators, computer/cell phone forensic investigators, to assist in evaluating a defense to both criminal charges and potential civil sanctions, and being able to guide students through both systems, unscathed. Students and faculty members should keep in mind that, while the prosecutor may not pursue a matter, believing that proof beyond a reasonable doubt, a high standard, cannot be sustained on some occasions with date rape/consent issues, the school nevertheless may pursue the claim, which could result in expulsion from the University or high school, if applicable, often without giving the accused the opportunity to ever question the alleged victim. Retaining an experienced and reputable attorney immediately is particularly critical when facing a criminal record, having one's name placed on the Sex Offender Registration List, expulsion from the University, loss of scholarship, loss of tuition paid, a significant risk of imprisonment, and a virtual end to any viable career option. If you are accused of suspected involvement with any sex crime, contact the offices of Baird & Zulakis, P.C. today.