International Students

Michigan State University, like other major universities in the United States, has numerous foreign students and many foreign faculty members. Students from China alone represent close to 10% of the student population. International students and faculty involved in criminal activity risk not only the criminal sanctions connected to any criminal charges, but possible expulsion from the country, including loss of student visa status or green card/work status. As a child of immigrants, Attorney George Zulakis is particularly sensitive to the needs and vulnerabilities of foreign students. Mr. Zulakis has represented hundreds of foreign students and many faculty members at Michigan State University involved with alleged criminal behaviors, such as drunk driving, driving while license suspended, minor in possession of alcohol, sex crimes, retail fraud, assault and battery, domestic violence, drug sale/possession, etc. Because foreign students and faculty members are often unfamiliar with United States and Michigan law, often because of communication issues, foreign students and faculty can be more vulnerable to the demands and/or questioning of police officers and school personnel. To safeguard your student visa, your green card, your ability to continue as a student at Michigan State University, driving privileges, and your ability to apply for and be admitted into graduate programs in the United States, it is important to maintain a clean criminal/traffic record. An experienced and reputable criminal defense attorney, who is familiar with law enforcement, including prosecuting officials, is essential to guiding students through the challenges of the criminal justice system. We have helped numerous students involved with traffic misdemeanors or other traffic tickets, have had their charges reduced, and potential points on their driving tickets reduced to zero. In many criminal cases, Mr. Zulakis has been able to have the criminal charges reduced to civil infractions. A high percentage of our clients are able to maintain a clean criminal and traffic record, and have been very satisfied with our representation.