Consequences for a Threat of Terror at School

Threats of school shootings are becoming more prevalent today, and students can suffer severe consequences for them. Throughout the United States there have been a number of school shootings in the recent year, with Parkland being the most recent. Students with access to social media have been using these platforms to create a threat, real or fake, toward their school, but they might not fully understand the consequences.

The Michigan Department of Education rules allow for a suspension or an expulsion of a student who makes a bomb threat or similar threat directed at a school or school related event. Once a student is expelled, he or she is expelled from all public schools in the state. An expulsion typically lasts 180 school days, but can even go beyond that depending on the circumstances. The student cannot re-enroll in a school unless he or she has been reinstated under the Michigan Department of Education's strict standards. The expelled student's permanent record will be forever marked, making it difficult to obtain work or attend college.

Additionally, there can be extremely severe criminal consequences as well. Michigan state law states that a person who makes a threat of terrorism, real or fake, to anyone is guilty of a felony. Even if the student did not intend to carry out the act, or if the student did not have the resources to commit the act, he or she is still guilty of the crime. This felony is punishable by up to 20 years in prison, with a fine of $20,000.

Due to the spike in school threats recently, schools are taking this very seriously. Administrators are seeking rigorous punishments for the students behind these actions. If your student has found himself or herself facing this issue, it is imperative that you seek legal representation. A punishment this severe could impact your life forever.

By George Zulakis, Attorney at Law

& Gregory Skubick, Law Clerk