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Super Drunk Driving Archives

OWI - High BAC Reduced to Civil Infraction of Careless Driving

Attorney George Zulakis was recently able to negotiate a reduction from a criminal drunk driving offense, blood alcohol of .18, with an accident, on behalf of an Ingham County area graduate student with no prior record. Mr. Zulakis was able to demonstrate to the prosecuting official that the client, who had been celebrating the end of a series of final examinations and who had arranged for a designated driver and had been taken home, elected to leave her home when she became concerned that a loved one was about to be involved in a physical altercation. She travelled approximately two blocks before striking a tree. Prior to completion of negotiations with the prosecuting official, the client followed Mr. Zulakis' advice and engaged in a number of alcohol/driving education courses, substance abuse assessment and testing, etc., all of which combined to mitigate the ultimate outcome, saving the client from a criminal conviction and a suspended driver's license, either of which may have impeded her ability to pursue a career in her selected profession.

Super drunk driving man drives wrong way near East Lansing

A man was charged with super drunk driving after driving the wrong way on U.S. 127 this weekend. The man was driving the wrong way on the highway near East Lansing when police began chasing him; they followed him through a large part of Ingham County and into Clinton County. Deputies were able to direct other vehicles out of harm's way, and stop sticks were used to blow out the man's tires. His blood-alcohol level was .20-- the state's legal limit is .08. A person who has a blood-alcohol level of .17 or higher can be convicted of what is known as super drunk driving (or High BAC).

Principal resigns after super drunk driving charge

Last month we wrote about a suburban Detroit-area principal who was arrested for DUI and charged under Michigan's super drunk driving law (also known as high BAC DUI). The Novi principal was suspended after her arrest on April 8, but she resigned earlier this month after a unanimous school board voted to accept her resignation. At this time, she has not been found, nor has she plead, guilty to the charge.

Principal in Michigan arrested, accused of 'super drunk' DUI

Readers in Michigan should be aware that people in certain professions who are accused by law enforcement of drinking and driving will probably be subject to more scrutiny than other people in similar circumstances. Among those whose arrest is more likely to be reported in the news media are teachers. Even when the DUI arrest has nothing to do with a teacher's work duties, he or she could face suspension or termination from the school district.

Woman arrested for super drunk driving with son in the car

A 47-year-old woman was arrested for super drunk driving with a child passenger recently in an Oakland county village. A motorist called 911 around 11:30 on the morning of the incident, to report a car being driven erratically. The woman's car was spotted driving up onto a yard and sidewalk before returning to the road, where she crossed the center line and nearly struck an oncoming vehicle.

New Year marked by strict DUI crackdown

It's no secret that the end of the year is a popular time for drinking. From family gatherings to holiday parties to inevitable New Year's Eve celebrations, alcohol and merriment abound during the weeks leading up to, and sometimes continuing through, the January first.

Grand Rapids hockey player pleads guilty to super drunk driving

Our firm recently reported when a twenty year old Grand Rapids Griffin hockey player was arrested for "super drunk driving" on Halloween of this year. He was dressed as a Teletubby, carrying a fraudulent ID, and driving the wrong way down Ottawa Street in Grand Rapids. On December 13, he pled guilty to super drunk driving-operating a vehicle with a BAC level higher than 0.17 percent. He had a BAC level of 0.30 percent after breath testing at the station after his arrest. He was initially charged with the lesser crimes of use of a fraudulent ID by a minor, refusal to take a preliminary breath test, and driving the wrong way down a one-way street. All lesser charges were dropped, and the player entered a guilty plea on December 13, to the super drunk driving charge only.

Kalamazoo man charged with driving 'super drunk'

We have discussed "super drunk" driving in previous posts. Our Lansing readers may know that "super drunk" driving is for those individuals with a 0.17 percent blood alcohol concentration or greater. "Super drunk" driving carries enhanced penalties and can result in up to 180 days in jail, large fines, a one-year suspended license, a year of alcohol rehabilitation treatment and other consequences.

Labor Day crackdown nets 283 DWIs in Michigan

A long holiday weekend in Michigan is a chance to head for the water, the north woods or visit with relatives and friends.  Holiday weekends are also a prime time for enhanced highway patrol officers or local police to be on the lookout for potential drunk drivers. One law enforcement technique that is used is a sobriety checkpoint.

Michigan mom allegedly drunk in SUV crash with children

Nationwide, states have been cracking down on drunk driving by passing new laws. In Michigan we have our so-called super drunk driving law for those with a blood alcohol level of 0.17 percent or higher. In New York they have Meghan's Law which gives enhanced penalties for any drunk driving conviction with children 15 years old or younger in the car. Many states have enhanced consequences for multiple offenders.