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DWI Archives

DWI and sex crime charges for medical marijuana patient

The Northern Michigan man at the center of a Michigan Supreme Court case striking down a "zero-tolerance" approach toward marijuana patients who drive with it in their systems was arrested one day after his 2010 charge for DWI (driving while intoxicated) was dropped. After the state's highest court issued its opinion last spring, local prosecutors subsequently dismissed the DWI charge against him.

Principal in Michigan arrested, accused of 'super drunk' DUI

Readers in Michigan should be aware that people in certain professions who are accused by law enforcement of drinking and driving will probably be subject to more scrutiny than other people in similar circumstances. Among those whose arrest is more likely to be reported in the news media are teachers. Even when the DUI arrest has nothing to do with a teacher's work duties, he or she could face suspension or termination from the school district.

Will Michigan's BAL limit go back to 0.10?

The Michigan Legislature is taking up the question of whether to renew the state's drinking and driving limit or allow it to go back to the old standard of 0.10. Lawmakers are facing pressure from advocates and federal policy to continue the current limit of 0.08.

New Year marked by strict DUI crackdown

It's no secret that the end of the year is a popular time for drinking. From family gatherings to holiday parties to inevitable New Year's Eve celebrations, alcohol and merriment abound during the weeks leading up to, and sometimes continuing through, the January first.

Facebok post leads to drunk driving arrest

Facebook has proven to be a double-edged sword of publicity for politicians, celebrities, and everyday people. The ability to update hundreds, even thousands of friends on one's actions and opinions can be incredibly helpful and satisfying. However, when such exploits involve criminal activity, using a social media outlet to brag can quickly land users in trouble

AAA joins call for ignition locks

Earlier this month we brought you news that the National Transportation Safety Board had begun to call for the mandatory, nationwide inclusion of ignition interlock devices for all drunk driving sentences, including first-time offenders. Now it appears another major automotive organization has joined the call for what would become a drastic intensification of drunk driving punishment(s).

Are DWI courts good or bad? Discuss.

There are approximately 600 DWI courts in the United States, including Michigan. Not all states have DWI courts and some states consider them unorthodox. The programs typically use a carrot and stick approach -- lots of praise when things are going well and drug tests come back clean, and a set of escalating supervision or consequences when things are not going well or there is a relapse. But they are yielding results.

Lansing Police Sergeant Faces Impaired Driving Sentence

A Lansing off-duty police officer will face sentencing on October, 12, 2012, in Clinton County District Court after pleading guilty last Friday to Operating While Visibly Impaired. The sentence results from an accident that occurred August 23, 2012 near Chandler Road and State Road in DeWitt Township. The Lansing off-duty police officer careened into a large cargo truck after taking a turn too fast and too wide.

Procedures not followed, drunk driving case dismissed

When someone in Michigan sees red lights flashing in the rear view mirror, even those who don't believe they have done anything wrong may get a nervous feeling. For those who have been drinking, even if they are not over the blood alcohol limit, the feeling might be more akin to panic. It may be reassuring to know that citizens have certain rights and the police have specific procedures they must follow when making a drunk driving arrest.