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March 2012 Archives

Driver who flipped, slid on roof could face super DUI charges

Michigan residents are probably aware of increased penalties for first-time offenders who register blood alcohol readings of .17 percent or higher. After an accident last week, a man who was lucky to escape serious injury may be facing the consequences of the state's so-called super drunk driving law.

Michigan attorney suing over his 2009 DUI arrest

A drunk driving case in Warren, Michigan, from 2009 is making headlines again. This time it's because the man who was charged -- and acquitted in 15 minutes -- of DUI is now suing the city and arresting police officers for malicious prosecution, false arrest and false imprisonment after he was pulled over and refused a breath test.

New proposal would reward public for reporting drunk drivers

It's no secret to Michigan drivers that drunk driving is a serious crime and has very serious consequences. While thousands of people statewide are pulled over on suspicion of DUI in a given year, many of them are not guilty of the offense. It is difficult for trained law enforcement officers to determine whether someone might be driving in violation of the law simply by observing them drive.

Study shows repeat DWIs go down with interlock devices installed

As many people in Michigan know, the penalties for drunk driving are severe, even for those who are convicted of the offense the first time. A new study suggests, however, that some penalties that are in place for repeat offenders be applied to those who had never been affected by a DWI arrest previously.

Proposed legislation would give amnesty to underage drinkers

Based upon proposed legislation that was passed by the state house on March 6, 2012, if a minor calls authorities for a friend suffering from alcohol poisoning, said minor would not be charged with Minor in Possession. The legislation is designed to encourage minors to notify emergency medical personnel when they believe a friend is dangerously ill as a result of binge drinking. The minor who notifies authorities and the sick individual would receive amnesty relative to Minor in Possession charges. The proposed legislation now moves its way through the state senate.