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November 2011 Archives

Mom accused of drunk driving with kids in the car

A drunk driving offense can carry with it some hefty consequences when it is followed with conviction. A person convicted of driving while under the influence could face serious fines, license suspension, license revocation or even jail time.

Detroit father avoids drunk driving charges; picks up child abuse charges for his 9 year-old driver

Detroit father elects to avoid potential drunk driving charges, but faces child abuse charges for allegedly having his nine year old daughter drive him around during a night of drinking. Father faces a felony charge of second-degree child abuse, punishable up to four years in prison; fourth-degree child abuse, a misdemeanor; and allowing an unlicensed person to drive, also a misdemeanor. Father was not charged with drunk driving because he was not physically operating the vehicle.

Drunk driving charges for woman who fell asleep behind the wheel

Drunk driving charges in Michigan can have severe consequences, including a term of imprisonment, probation and financial penalties. One Michigan woman is facing those charges after police say she allegedly collided with another vehicle in Tecumseh.

DUI charges in Detroit after .346 breath test; driver had 3 kids in car

Like many states, Michigan DUI laws provide that a blood alcohol reading of .08 percent or more constitutes drunk driving. Penalties for a DUI violation include possible jail time, financial penalties and probation as well as loss of driving privileges. Depending upon the circumstances, other criminal charges could also apply. One 43-year-old Pontiac man is experiencing that firsthand after colliding with two Oakland County police cruisers on November 5 in Detroit.

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