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WARNING: Make Sure You Do Your Research Before You Buy a Potential Weapon

Drive drunk and you may need an ignition interlock device

The Repeat Offender laws in the State of Michigan are tough. They are designed either to keep repeat drunk drivers off the road altogether, or to ensure they stay sober behind the wheel. If you have been arrested for the second or even third time for driving under the influence, additional penalties are possible-and probable. For example, the court may require you to have an ignition interlock device.

Designated drivers may not always be sober

A designated driver is defined as a person who will not drink alcohol in order to be able to drive members of a group home safely. Consequently, you may think that appointing a DD allows you to fully enjoy an upcoming social function without worrying about drinking a bit too much. However, a 2013 study of more than a thousand bar patrons, mostly college-age males, found that some designated drivers might be incapable of passing a sobriety test.

Michigan MIP Law UPDATE

The connection between drugs and sexual assault

Although sexual assault can happen to anyone at any age, the greatest concern is for young people on college campuses and those who go to bars and dance clubs. The term "date rape" is often used for an unwanted sexual experience that experts prefer to call "drug-facilitated sexual assault." Certain drugs are effective in relaxing the victim, sometimes to the point of unconsciousness. However, alcohol is found to be used more often than drugs, mainly because it is more accessible.

UPDATE: No Longer a Crime for East Lansing Residents Over 21 to Possess Less than an Ounce of Marijuana

How accurate are the college rape statistics?

At colleges around the country, campus advocates have demanded that change is needed in the way schools respond to reports of sexual misconduct. While it is true that rape is a horrible crime, dubious statistics and unjust campus judiciaries have played their roles in forming the "rape culture" that both victims and the accused must deal with.

Proposed Changes to Michigan's MIP laws

Can I get arrested for DUI while driving a scooter?

Many college students embrace modes of transportation alternative to automobiles. Many walk, bike and even skateboard when it is convenient to do so. There are a host of reasons why alternative transportation is attractive to college students. Lower costs, smaller carbon footprints and ease of travel are just a few of the reasons why a younger demographic is often drawn to modes of transportation beyond traditional automobiles.

However, it is important to understand that these modes of transportation are not risk-free. Most of the roads in America were designed and constructed with automobiles in mind, so safety is a constant concern during travel. In addition, many of these modes of transportation are subject to the same laws as automobiles are. For example, it is possible to be charged with drunk driving when driving a scooter or a moped while intoxicated.

How MSU students can keep a drug crime from jeopardizing their future

College and graduate school can be one of the most stressful times in a person's life. From sacrificing sleep to study, and from the emotions involved in deciding what you want to do with your future, it can be overwhelming and draining. Additionally, stress can be aggravated if you are struggling with depression and anxiety disorders, bipolar illnesses, and attention deficit disorders. Some students turn to drugs or alcohol to ease the stress.

Some students also turn to selling drugs to gain extra income while they are in college. Even high-achieving students who are serious about their studies can be caught into the temptation to get involved with drugs. Whether you have been charged with possession or sale of drugs, Michigan law allows young people who have not been previously convicted of a drug offense to redeem themselves and possibly avoid the charge going on their public record, to preserve their ability to seek the employment they desire in the future.

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