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Lansing School Suspensions Attorney

A Proven Advocate and Negotiator for Students in Trouble

In the Lansing area — and statewide across Michigan — it may be difficult to find a lawyer with significant, in-depth experience representing students and families in matters of school suspension and expulsion. Attorney George Zulakis has this experience, and he is intensely dedicated to protecting students' rights and working to keep your child in school.

We understand the stress and deep concern you may feel if your son or daughter is facing suspension, expulsion or other serious sanctions. In many situations, hiring the right attorney can make a critical difference in the outcome. We know this from successful first-hand experience. Please contact us at Baird and Zulakis, P.C., to begin discussing your needs and options.

You may be well aware of the high stakes if your child is facing suspension or expulsion from a public school in Michigan. Being expelled from one school can prevent admission to any other public school — and private school costs may be a huge stretch or hopelessly out of reach for you. Even a suspension can create a permanent record that haunts your son or daughter for years to come, limiting future education options and job prospects.

Valuable Experience in Administrative Hearings and Juvenile Criminal Defense

Attorney Zulakis is exceptionally well prepared to deal with many aspects of your legal and education-related problems. If your situation calls for an effective juvenile defender who can also represent you in negotiations with school administrators, a formal hearing, or other proceedings before your school board, we are here to analyze and address each challenge strategically. We will apply experience in cases involving:

  • Criminal sexual conduct, weapons possession or other crimes on campus
  • Drug charges, whether prosecuted criminally, leading to school suspension/expulsion proceedings, or both
  • Property crimes and allegations of making threats against a school or individuals, including crimes related to use of the Internet or texting via cell phone
  • Suspension or expulsion proceedings arising from fighting, insubordination, dress code violations or other alleged misbehavior in a high school or middle school
  • Alleged violations of "zero tolerance" policies that may be unique to your school or district

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To work with a lawyer who will take a proactive approach and bring a positive yet realistic outlook to your case — with the focus squarely on defending a young person's future — please contact our law office in Okemos now.

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