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Arrested? If your freedom is at stake, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. Contact BAIRD AND ZULAKIS P.C. Today.. 800-385-0092

Lansing Embezzlement Attorney

White Collar Crimes Defense Lawyer in Mid-Michigan

In our experience, people charged with embezzlement and other financial crimes are often fundamentally good, hardworking people caught up in difficult circumstances or affected by addiction or a psychological disorder. Tough economic conditions and personal adversity can lead to desperate acts such as embezzlement or fraud.

Perhaps to an even greater degree than other criminal defense matters, dealing effectively with a charge of embezzlement, fraud, or some other "white collar" crime can require creativity and resourcefulness. Whether you have been falsely accused or know you made a mistake and want the chance to make things right, we invite you to contact us for an initial consultation with proven attorney George Zulakis.

A Track Record of Success in Negotiations and at Trial

Mr. Zulakis has experience in numerous state-level cases involving allegations of:

  • Embezzlement — by elected officials and people working for universities, townships, charitable organizations, corporations and private companies
  • Various types of fraud, including Medicaid/Medicare fraud, prescription fraud and other alleged healthcare fraud

Our Okemos-based legal team is also prepared to handle your defense if you are accused of credit card fraud, passing bad checks, theft of computer equipment, or other "white collar" financial crimes. In all such situations, we investigate thoroughly and look at all possible angles for achieving a beneficial outcome through:

  • Aggressive defense if you have been wrongfully accused or your rights have been violated
  • Negotiation of restitution or another form of resolution that keeps you out of prison or jail
  • Proactive efforts to help you get the treatment you may need for a gambling problem, substance addiction, or psychological disorder — and to engage in dialog with the prosecution focused on demonstrating the value and importance of these efforts

Serious Charges Call For a Respected Defense Lawyer

We understand that your freedom, family and reputation may be on the line if you are facing embezzlement or other serious charges. Attorney Zulakis is respected in legal and community circles throughout the Lansing area and across Michigan for his integrity and commitment to his clients. He is willing to put this reputation and his proven legal skill to work targeting the best possible outcome for you.

Fast action can be critical to your defense. Whether you have been arrested or learned you are under investigation, please contact us as soon as possible.

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